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The actual ges-launch tutorial says:

"ges-launch-1.0 +clip /path/to/media inpoint=4.0

Assuming "media" is a 10 second long media sample, this will play the
sample from the 4th second to the 10th, resulting in a 6-seconds long

However, my experience is:

ges-launch-1.0 +clip file.ogg inpoint=2
>>>fails with error: ERROR: Could not create timeline because: Couldn't add
clip with id file:///path/to/file.ogg to layer with priority -1

ges-launch-1.0 +clip file.ogg inpoint=2 duration=2
>>>succeeds (I see the preview with correct cut)

file.ogg contains one video/x-theora stream and is 0:00:24.024000000 long

looking through the debug log I find in the case that fails :

0:00:00.140059961  3054      0x111ce30 INFO                 gestree
videourisource0<0x12ea190> [ 0:00:00.000000000 (0:00:02.000000000) -
0:00:24.024000000(0:00:24.024000000) layer: 0]  inpoint + duration
26024000000 > max_duration 24024000000

my guess is that the default duration is the total length, therefore an
inpoint > 0 will result in failure

ges-launch-1.0 +clip file.ogg inpoint=0

I am using a self compiled 1.16.0 gstreamer version

am I missing something?

or should the tutorial be modified, as this is misleading (and it's one of
the first examples: newcomers could want to run away?)

please apologize for my bad english, and if this is not the right place to


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