Is there a GStreamer filter that does normalization on an image?

Mathieu Duponchelle mathieu at
Tue Jul 2 11:09:29 UTC 2019

Hi Chris,

Turns out there's also another element in the opencv plugin that might interest you,
cvequalizehist[1], as far as I can tell from [2] it does exactly what you're looking for :)

Regarding writing elements in python, it can make it pretty easy to prototype your elements,
as long as you're aware of the caveats it implies (eg. the terrible performance :)

Mathieu Duponchelle ยท


On 7/1/19 10:17 PM, chrisp wrote:
> Hi Mathieu, 
> This has helped me out quite a bit to be honest.  It's not exactly what I
> was looking for but this has helped me move more in the right direction. 
> I'm currently trying two approaches to this problem.  One is the filter you
> suggested and other filters that the frei0r plugin has to offer.  Then the
> other is a custom plugin that I'm writing in python.  However, since I am
> still fairly new to gst, its taking me a bit longer then I expected.  Thank
> you for your help.  
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