webrtcbin dependencies

Neil Young foreverneilyoung at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 8 15:09:35 UTC 2019

brew install libnice 

is required IMHO.

Then brew edit gst-plugins-bad

Check if you have these lines in:

depends_on "libnice"
depends_on "srtp"

Add both if not and re-install from source

brew reinstall --build-from-source gst-plugins-bad

> Am 08.07.2019 um 17:02 schrieb Vinicius Tona <vftona at gmail.com>:
> Hi everyone,
> Does anybody know if there's an easy way to check the dependencies of a plugin?
> I ask because I'm unable to install webrtcbin with brew on mac and I think it's probably a dependency missing.
> If you want to reproduce it you can do so by uninstalling gstreamer if you already have it and running 
> brew install gstreamer gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-bad
> and gst-inspect-1.0 webrtc will tell you: No such element or plugin 'webrtc'
> PS: I know the issue is upstream, but any help is welcome
> Regards
> -- 
> "If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, 
> because the answer is not separate from the problem." - Krishnamurti
> Vinícius Faria Toná
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