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Section 6.2.15 of does
get into some details on these two fields, basically items is a dictionary of metadata
(eg: {"Producer": "Some Guy In Hollywood"}), and text is a simple string, could be the summary of the program, no
example is provided for that field however.

On 7/8/19 7:09 PM, Russel Winder wrote:
> Hi,
> Another question after "Why is there no
> gstreamer_mpegts_sys::GstMpegtsShortEventDescriptor struct definition in the
> Rust sys binding to GStreamer MPEG-TS library":
> Does anyone have any knowledge of what the text and items fields actually are
> in GstMpegtsExtendedEventDescriptor in the C implementation of the GStreamer
> MPEG-TS library are – and hence what they are in the Rust wrapper.
> The documentation at 
> says nothing directly but refers to the standard EN 300 468 v.1.13.1 which
> says a lot but tells you nothing.
> I am trying to construct some test data but have no idea what the result
> should be!
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