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On Mon, 2019-07-08 at 19:27 +0200, Mathieu Duponchelle wrote:
> Section 6.2.15 of 
> does
> get into some details on these two fields, basically items is a dictionary
> of metadata
> (eg: {"Producer": "Some Guy In Hollywood"}), and text is a simple string,
> could be the summary of the program, no
> example is provided for that field however.

After having bashed my head against the documentation, I spotted the "this is
a dictionary implemented in C" bit. To have your confirmation of this
interpretation is most useful so thanks for that confirmation.

I then found a "parsing the original byte sequence" example on the Web that
shows that the text is just a partial text (implying the dictionary is
potentially just a partial dictionary due to the fixed byte length of a
packet) and that you have to process the full sequence of extended event
descriptors to get the full text (and dictionary). Now I have to worry about
how to do this, options being a state machine or making assumptions about the
sequence of packets.

My current problem is though whether fields of type *gchar are actually nul
terminate C strings or not. I believe they should be but CStr::from_ptr is
failing to terminate indicating they are not. This would seem bad design of
the parsing in the library if it is the case. I cannot believe the parsing
algorithm would be bad, that nul terminated string would not be what is there.
So I am in a circle of frustration. :-(

Of course this is all based on test data rather than actual real packets, I
guess I should just get some real packets from Freeview and see what the
result is.

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