SRT support build on Debian Buster. Nothing available yet. Cerbero fails to configure for source install.

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Sat Jul 13 12:42:31 UTC 2019

Le samedi 13 juillet 2019 à 11:46 +0000, Daniel Rossi a écrit :
> Hi , of all the packages I've built in my time, this one has to be
> the most broken one I have seen so far and the most complicated to
> get installed and working properly. It has been a failure in Debian,
> Ubuntu, Amazon Linux AMI etc. 
> Ive been trying for days to get a gstreamer package with SRT support
> working. It was completely missing from the bad plugins package. 
> According to this post, I was able to rebuild just the bad plugins
> repository with libsrt, in Ubutu server. But in Debian Buster , it
> complained about missing a plugins base package verson which was
> installed 
> This led me to attempting to rebuild the whole thing from sources. I
> need this tool for testing SRT streaming functionality, and its taken
> a few days to get to this point. The Windows binary crashes when
> trying to turn the receiver into SRT server mode (For testing Wowza
> SRT Push streaming)

Could it be that one ?

   1. Note that I notice that SRT elements only works when configured
      through URI, configuring through the properties seems broken. I must
      admit I thought this crash was introduced by the re-factoring (the
      one that merge srtserver/client pairs to allow fully URI based

> My target environment will be a receiver on Raspberry PI. But I am
> trying to get it built within the PI Desktop VMware for now. 
> On attempting to setup cerbero according to the docs. In Debian
> Buster, configure fails. Any help would be good, so i can move on
> confirming UDP NAT issues with SRT. 

SRT is NAT friendly in the sense it uses a single port, but you still
need to port forward, as it does not do NAT traversal like WebRTC as an

> checking for gcc... gcc
> checking whether the C compiler works... no
> configure: error: in `/home/pi/Downloads/cerbero/build/sources/build-
> tools/m4-1.4.18':
> configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
> See `config.log' for more details

More details are inside config.log as stated by this message.

> ***** Error running 'bootstrap' command:
> Recipe 'm4' failed at the build step 'configure'
> Fatal Error: Running ['sh', '-c', './configure --prefix
> /home/pi/Downloads/cerbero/build/build-tools --libdir
> /home/pi/Downloads/cerbero/build/build-tools/lib --with-pic  --
> disable-maintainer-mode  --disable-silent-rules  --disable-gtk-doc 
> --disable-introspection    --disable-gcc-warnings  --with-pic  --
> disable-maintainer-mode  --disable-silent-rules  --disable-gtk-doc 
> --disable-introspection    --disable-gcc-warnings '], returncode 77
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