How to synchronize buffer timestamp across two gstreamer pipeline(appsink,appsrc, rtspserver)

IgalKroyter igalkroy at
Thu Jul 25 05:02:11 UTC 2019

Nicholas, thanks for the reply.

1) I have modified the latency of the pipeline with
gst_pipeline_set_latency() and I read it with gst_pipeline_get_latency().
both values are equal. But if I query the
pipeline(gst_query_new_latency..gst_element_query) I get: live:0,
min_latency:0 and max_latency: -1. by the way I query this from within a pad
callback every time it is invoked (just for the test). Is it normal?

2) Does it matter when I set the starttime or basetime before or after

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