How to synchronize buffer timestamp across two gstreamer pipeline(appsink,appsrc, rtspserver)

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Thu Jul 25 21:13:59 UTC 2019

Le jeudi 25 juillet 2019 à 00:02 -0500, IgalKroyter a écrit :
> Nicholas, thanks for the reply.
> 1) I have modified the latency of the pipeline with
> gst_pipeline_set_latency() and I read it with gst_pipeline_get_latency().
> both values are equal. But if I query the
> pipeline(gst_query_new_latency..gst_element_query) I get: live:0,
> min_latency:0 and max_latency: -1. by the way I query this from within a pad
> callback every time it is invoked (just for the test). Is it normal?

I'm not sure if that mechanism will impact the queried latency, also
you pipeline need to be running.

> 2) Does it matter when I set the starttime or basetime before or after

It has to happen in NULL state, anything else feels racy to me.

> Regards.
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