Video lockup during looping playback.

j1234 gstreamer at
Sun Jul 28 23:27:21 UTC 2019

Hi. I could use some advice on how to proceed with debugging a problem. 

I have coded a simple c video player that loops, and I am getting lockups 20
to 700 minutes into each run.

Hardware: Rock64, 4GB board
OS: Latest Bionic for Rock64, downloaded from:
Media kit with gstreamer 1.14, ported to the GPU for the Rock64
Video: Big Bunny 1080p, 30fps, h264 from 

And, as I said, at some random time, the video freezes, showing a single
image.  It runs full screen, so I need to SSH into it to kill the processes.

When turning on GST_DEBUG=2, I get a bunch of warnings and error messages,
but the video launches and plays fine, and loops fine.
A log file is attached.
I've also run at GST-DEBUG=3 and 4, but it never crashes at the same time. 
Sometimes it is during a seek to 0 (with the GST log message stopping in mid
sentence), sometimes it is in the middle of the normal playback.

Note that I do see an error message every few minutes.  This also seems
random, spaced 1 to 10 minutes apart.
0x7f7c06a4a0 ERROR mppvideodec
I see no visible artifacts while the video is playing.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do to debug the freezing?  Is this
a common issue with gstreamer apps?   


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