Usage of tee with queue

David Ing ding at
Tue Mar 5 00:19:09 UTC 2019

For about a year I've been having a problem where my gstreamer pipeline
would sometimes hang while changing from READY to PAUSED.  Specifically, my
call to `gst_element_get_state` would return ASYNC (it would time out).  I
eventually determined that this happens when I have a tee (GstTee) having
multiple source pads.  There was no problem when the tee had only a single
source pad.

This felt like a thread deadlock issue related to the tee.  I fixed the
problem by putting a queue after each of the tee's source pads.  I am not
sure why this fixes in the problem, but I know that adding queues to a
pipeline also adds threads behind the scenes.

Is this a known problem with the tee?
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