Gstreamer itself has hundreds of plugins so how to read tcpdump of rstp

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Thu Mar 7 23:16:43 UTC 2019


thank you for your reply

"It's quite hard to follow really. You are using terms "any" and "without"
which makes your requirements too wide. A lot of this can be done with
GStreamer, I'm not sure what problem.

Note that the example you found is quite old, but the general concept
haven't changed much 

That example is like eureka for me, since developers at Wireshark denied
such functionality to be supported by Wireshark, to dissect saved rtsp video
stream and reassembly it back into playable video file.

So finding this func tionality to work with GStreamer is a nice surprise,
saving me a lot of time.
Now, I would like to reproduce this example, looking for pcap demos
including video frame data
since my wifi usb interface fails to connect to IP Camera supporting WiFi
Direct ( Win32 XP)

Since I don't have wifi usb dongle supporting monitor mode to dump tcp to
I need to ask developers for demos to see how it works if more than one rtsp
stream is live broadcasted and saved in monitor mode to pcap file.

If I fail to install GStreamer to work for me locally, I am looking for
website supporting live remote access to GS to m ake some tests.

If you know a place I can download rtsp video stream saved to pcap file from
just let me know.

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