GstEncodingProfile for ApplePro Res 444

Igors igors at
Thu Mar 7 08:59:16 UTC 2019

Hi All

My task is to save app data to video using different codecs. The data source
is appSrc in ARGB format.
I've created GstEncodingProfile with following strings:

video/quicktime   // Container format
video/x-prores, variant=(string)4444, width=(int)[ 16, 2147483647 ],
height=(int)[ 16, 2147483647 ]) // Video format

It doesn't work (favorite -4 "not negotiated" error). Trying different
"variant" options I've found only "standdard" works, (QT player shows the
created video is Apple ProRes 422). All other variant choices give error.
Same time with command line I can save videotestsrc in 4444 just fine.

What an I doing wrong?

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