Graphical tool to show/manipulate pipelines

TheGiamig thegiamig at
Thu Mar 7 11:55:07 UTC 2019

Hi, I'm thinking about a tool for create, manipulate and monitor pipelines.
In general my approach is to instance a "wrapper" object for each element in
the pipeline and discover some information about it so I can perform some
logics (eg. connect to weel-known signals as new-pad) and display a
graphical representation of element and pads links.
At the moment I'm interest to display the content of a single bin at a time.
If the pipeline contains a bin the user may double-click on it to display
the content.

The first problem in the design is related to dynamic behaviours, like pads
linked at runtime.
Sometimes pads seems to me not an actual problem because my wrapper  can
receive a notification when a pad is added, and then when the pad is linked.
In the other hand, request pads can be linked "silently" and I can't find a
way to receive a notification without modify or subclass original elements.

Any pointer and idea are welcome.

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