WebRTCBin not receiving caps signal

Dominik Röttsches d-r at roettsches.de
Sun Mar 10 09:25:23 UTC 2019


I am working on a python app that turns an rtsp stream from a networked camera into a stream that you can access through the browser via WebRTC.

For that, I am using a dynamic pipeline, the rtp audio and video streams go to a fakesink through a tee element. For each incoming websocket connection, I build an WebRTC connection: I am adding two queues, one for audio, one for video to the tee elements and connect them to a new WebRTC element. Then I exchange the SDP offer and response via websockets.

Now, in some situations, after quick reloads of the web page that brokers the connection, the newest added WebRTCBin element does not send the “on-negotiation-neeed” signal. I am assuming this is because it did not receive caps on the newly requested pad, thus the gst_webrtcbin_sink_event method did not get triggered and the WebRTCBin is not checking whether a negotiation is needed. 

A PDF of the pipeline is here: http://roettsch.es/debug_gst_webrtcbin.pdf and an image of the relevant portions is attached.

The WebRTCBin element sendrecv-2-772371 has blocked pads, as it hasn’t done any negotiation and unblocked its pads, but also the CAPS on the links to the queue elements only show “ANY”.

I have a few questions to further investigate this:

What could be the reason the caps event is not received by the GstWebRTCBin?
When is the caps event usually sent downstream? Is it sent only once and could it be that the GstWebRTCBin somehow missed it through some race condition?
When connecting queue and webrtcbin to the tee element, do I need to follow a certain order? Do I need to insert probes in order not to miss the caps event?

Thanks for your help,


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