Need help for finishing migration of a Digital Signage application on basis of gstreamer(-vaapi) GLX 1.6.x and info-beamer => gstreamer 1.14/15 EGL

Sebastian Stelmasik s.stelmasik at
Mon Mar 11 18:47:36 UTC 2019

Hello gstreamer Pros!

we are currently migrating a Digital Signage application on basis of 
gstreamer(-vaapi) 1.6.x (using the handoff signal in vaapisink) and 
info-beamer (

Until now we were using (cheap) AMD devices where we use glx-pixmaps for 
surface sharing between gstreamer and info-beamer which works quite 
perfect (no mem copy at all).

Now we have to switch to INTEL devices as there are no cheap (and 
compatible with the former open source driver) AMD devices and now we 
are experiencing frame-drop issues in surface sharing between 
gstreamer(-vaapi) and info-beamer on INTEL ATOM Z8300 devices (which 
should be a lot faster than the AMD E-350 we have been using before). As 
I said before we use glx-pixmaps for surface sharing which works perfect 
on AMD-GPUs. But now there seems to be a lot of in mem copy which causes 
a lot of frame-drops.

So regarding to an answer from  Víctor Jáquez our issues are now:

1) We are using a old version of gstreamer and gstreamer-vaapi
2) We are using a deprecated API for handling VA-API
3) We are using a soon-to-be deprecated buffer meta
4) We are relying on GLX, which has no future, as far as I understand

The tasks we have/had are:

1) upgrade to the latest gstreamer, gstreamer-vaapi release (nearly 
done: ~80%)
2) remove the old GstVaapi code (done: 75%)
3) use EGL (done: 66%)  => egl context sharing seems unfinished
4) change code to use a pipeline like this: playbin video-sink="glupload 
! appsink" (done: ??)

=> the code should then use the appsink API to fetch the decoded video 
frames with GLMemory, which it will contain a texture that one can 
render. By using EGL vaapi it should export dmabuf-based buffers, those 
buffers should be imported as EGLImages, wrapped the texture, and thus 
no memcopy should be required.

Right now we have some compile issues (regarding migration of gstreamer 
1.6 => 1.14) and code has to be migrated to use EGLImages instead of 
I believe that it will not be complicated as everything here is already 
done, all we need is make it compile (some symbols seem to have changed) 
and modify a couple of (sink?) functions. But unfortunately our 
developer cannot finish the project so I am looking for someone who can 
finish the migration he started for a reasonable amount of money.

You'll get full access to required project sources (via subversion) and 
should be able to compile/run the project.
Target platform is Ubuntu 18.04.x on INTEL Atom devices - but any other 
INTEL integrated GFX should be OK for developing.

Please contact me via E-Mail: s.stelmasik at to discuss 
the details.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Sebastian Stelmasik


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