proxysink/src timing/lag/stutter issue.

chakra wire.chakri at
Tue Mar 12 07:50:33 UTC 2019

For the same using rtsp-server with proxysink->proxysrc, I am facing error as

0:00:48.622752000   895 0x7f887c065d40 WARN               rtspmedia
rtsp-media.c:2991:wait_preroll: failed to preroll pipeline
0:00:48.622861000   895 0x7f887c065d40 WARN               rtspmedia
rtsp-media.c:3295:gst_rtsp_media_prepare: failed to preroll pipeline
0:00:48.623437000   895 0x7f887c065d40 ERROR             rtspclient
rtsp-client.c:1052:find_media: client 0x7f887c00f250: can't prepare media
0:00:48.623721000   895 0x7f887c065d40 ERROR             rtspclient
rtsp-client.c:2907:handle_describe_request: client 0x7f887c00f250: no media

Any suggestion/progress here would be really helpful?

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