gst-build success but missing h264 encode/decode elements

Mohammad Bhuyan mohammad.bhuyan at
Tue Mar 12 22:03:30 UTC 2019


I have built GStreamer using gst-build (uses meson and ninja) on Raspbian

It was a fresh install of Raspbian (Basic). Also, I did not change any
gst-build config.

The build was ok after meeting some basic dependency issues like flex, bison
etc. Given the build uses '/usr/local' as install prefix, I had to configure
the corresponding path for ldconfig

After the build, I have tested that a basic test pipeline is working. I used
'gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! autovideosink'

My problem is that I need x264enc element (or equivalent) to build a
pipeline and my GStreamer installation doesn't seem to have it. Maybe my
build/install didn't produce that element or gstreamer? My understanding is
that it is probably expected as I took a fresh install of Raspbian which
probably lacked dependency for x264* elements. 

I did notice that OpenH264 was built part of GStreamer, thus I expected that
OpenH264 enc/dec elements should be there. But using gst-inspect I don't
seem to see them.

My questions are:

1. For H264 encoding/decoding which elements are preferred - OpenH264 vs

2. How do I make my gst-build produce those plugins? What dependencies must
I install before my build?

3. Is it possible that my build actually produced those plugins but my path
setup is not current for GStreamer to see them?

4. In regards to question (2) above, where is the documentation for
dependencies for plugins/elements?



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