Trying to diagnose a READY --> PAUSED transition bug

David Ing ding at
Mon Mar 25 21:20:15 UTC 2019

I am using Gstreamer 1.14.4.  I am having an issue with one of my pipelines
on Windows.  I attached an SVG file which shows my pipeline at the point in
time when it gets stuck.  The issue occurs when I try to move my pipeline
from READY to PAUSED.  I do this by calling
gst_element_set_state(gstPipeline, GST_STATE_PAUSED), and after that call
is made, I see all elements within the pipeline transition to PAUSED except
the *GstFileSink which remains stuck in READY*.


   - The issue does not repro on Linux (only Windows).
   - I use the same basic code to render many other kinds of jobs and I
   never have a problem with the GstFileSink.  It is only for this one
   specific pipeline that I have the problem.
   - I am 100% certain that this isn't some kind of file system issue (e.g.
   folder permissions).

For logging I set the the "filesink" category to TRACE and this is the
entirety of what it shows me:

Pipeline is in NULL state, as I connect the muxer to the filesink I see

19-03-25T20:44:19.420327 INFO    filesink gstfilesink.c:294 filename :
19-03-25T20:44:19.420327 INFO    filesink gstfilesink.c:295 uri      :

Immediately after I call  gst_element_set_state(gstPipeline,

19-03-25T20:44:19.458327 DEBUG   filesink gstfilesink.c:516 Seeking to
offset 0 using fseeko
19-03-25T20:44:19.458327 DEBUG   filesink gstfilesink.c:416 opened file
seekable 1

6.3 seconds after I call  gst_element_set_state(gstPipeline,

19-03-25T20:44:25.853308 DEBUG   filesink gstfilesink.c:586 Ignored SEGMENT
event of format 3 (time)

My best guess is that it's some kind of rare timing bug within gstreamer
(which most pipelines are lucky to avoid).

I am looking for tips about how to diagnose the exact cause of this bug:
But keep in mind that I have no debug symbols because I'm on Windows.
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