playing and parsing mpeg2ts file

Tim Müller tim at
Fri Mar 29 10:35:17 UTC 2019

On Fri, 2019-03-29 at 11:00 +0100, Duchassin Frederic wrote:

Hi Frederic,

Not entirely sure what's going on here. You dot file and mail says that
the queue in front of the tsparse has 201 buffers and max-size-
buffers=2000 (two thousand).

The dot file also doesn't show links from decodebin to your audio/video
sink branches. Unclear if that's because of the timing of the dot file
snapshot or because that's your problem (then the audio/video sinks
never get any data and the pipeline won't preroll). If the decodebin
was unliked I would suspect the tsparse queue to be fuller though.

It's a bit suspicious that the queue in front of the tsparse is at 201
buffers, which is just above the default max-size-buffers limit of 200.
Did you increase the max-size-buffers limit after pipeline startup?

So my best guess is that the queue in front of the tsparse runs full,
and then blocks the filesrc ! tee upstream, and then decodebin etc.
don't get more data and can't finish their preroll and the pipeline is

GST_DEBUG=queue:6 might help confirm whether this is the case or not.


Tim Müller, Centricular Ltd -

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