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Sun May 5 09:29:08 UTC 2019

Hi all, 

GStreamer is extremely powerful and flexible, but to the average user, it's
extremely hard to understand and use. gst-inspect-1.0, gst-launch-1.0, even
those commands are impossibly hard to type :) 

What it lacks is a friendly UI. Imagine a drag-and-drop pipeline editor in
the browser, with the default pipeline sending video and audio to the
browser e.g. using the newly added webrtcbin. As default source, it would
use either the camera, or videotestsrc (or was it testvideosrc? See what I

The app could have four layers: 

Layer 0: GStreamer. This could be the local GStreamer install via the OS's
package manager. Or, if that version is too old as in my case, a gst-build

Layer 1: (optional) your own set of GStreamer plugins. As an example, I have
a set of deep learning/inference plugins (face reco, obj detection, body
pose etc.). 

Layer 2: HTTP API. Simply put, a gst-inspect/gst-launch wrapper written in
Python e.g. as RESTful API. Provides all data needed by Layer 3. 

Layer 3: the fancy UI, HTML5 + JS (Vue.JS, React, whatever). Gives you
access to all available GStreamer elements (in a sane way), to the pipeline
as an editable graph, to each element and its properties (click on graph
node opens dialog), launch button starts the pipeline (opens video window);
get the textual notation of the pipeline (... ! ...), see the GStreamer log
in an extra window etc. 

(Layer 4: package everything as a Docker container) 

The only open source project I'm aware of that resembles this is
https://github.com/bbc/brave, but it works at a higher abstraction level
(which can be both good and bad). There were other attempts at implementing
editors, all of them native (e.g. based on Qt), but none of those I'm aware
of were successful. 

Is there any open source project with the aim to implement a web-based
pipeline editor? Is there any interest to work on (or fund) such a project?

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