Pipeline Editor as Web App / UI

R C cjvijf at gmail.com
Sun May 5 16:07:34 UTC 2019

not only the "average user" ...  I design design special purpose HPCs 
(HPC clusters, and

parallel file systems) for a living ..   and I can't figure gstreamer 
out either, while what

I am trying to do should not even be that hard. (getting gstreamer to 
stream an IP camera feed

to be embedded in a html/web page.)

Some sort of gui would definitely help.

As for the docker container...   yeah good luck with that, I know a 
bunch of people that are trying to build a robust, production level 
containers, so far containers don't deliver,  especially when it comes 
to compatibility with older software.


On 5/5/19 3:29 AM, gripsynth wrote:
> Hi all,
> GStreamer is extremely powerful and flexible, but to the average user, it's
> extremely hard to understand and use. gst-inspect-1.0, gst-launch-1.0, even
> those commands are impossibly hard to type :)
> What it lacks is a friendly UI. Imagine a drag-and-drop pipeline editor in
> the browser, with the default pipeline sending video and audio to the
> browser e.g. using the newly added webrtcbin. As default source, it would
> use either the camera, or videotestsrc (or was it testvideosrc? See what I
> mean??)
> The app could have four layers:
> Layer 0: GStreamer. This could be the local GStreamer install via the OS's
> package manager. Or, if that version is too old as in my case, a gst-build
> 'sandbox'.
> Layer 1: (optional) your own set of GStreamer plugins. As an example, I have
> a set of deep learning/inference plugins (face reco, obj detection, body
> pose etc.).
> Layer 2: HTTP API. Simply put, a gst-inspect/gst-launch wrapper written in
> Python e.g. as RESTful API. Provides all data needed by Layer 3.
> Layer 3: the fancy UI, HTML5 + JS (Vue.JS, React, whatever). Gives you
> access to all available GStreamer elements (in a sane way), to the pipeline
> as an editable graph, to each element and its properties (click on graph
> node opens dialog), launch button starts the pipeline (opens video window);
> get the textual notation of the pipeline (... ! ...), see the GStreamer log
> in an extra window etc.
> (Layer 4: package everything as a Docker container)
> The only open source project I'm aware of that resembles this is
> https://github.com/bbc/brave, but it works at a higher abstraction level
> (which can be both good and bad). There were other attempts at implementing
> editors, all of them native (e.g. based on Qt), but none of those I'm aware
> of were successful.
> Is there any open source project with the aim to implement a web-based
> pipeline editor? Is there any interest to work on (or fund) such a project?
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