Closed Caption 1.16.0 in python

KPAXIT romants at
Mon May 13 13:52:36 UTC 2019

Thank you for your answer. 

I'm able to put VideoCaptionMeta on copied buffer, like this
word = ("example text ")
data = word.encode('utf-8')
meta =

but I'm still having hard time to get/read GstVideo.VideoCaptionMeta from a
buffer later on, eg
buff_copy.get_meta(GObject.GType('GstVideoCaptionMetaAPI')) returns Gst.Meta
which contains no data!?

Sorry for my newbie question :/
A main goal is to experiment and see if its possible to inject closed
captions in h264 encoded stream somehow (currently we injecting CC's at
streaming server side and we would like to inject CC's directly when
original stream gets encoded)

PS I'm also tried sending buffers with cc to appsrc and connect it to
ccextractor cccombiner etc but I also don't see any 'caption' pad get linked
and/or used meanwhile recorded file in VLC showing that there are cc tracks
available but none of text is visible. Can appsrc be used with CC meta on
buffers somehow?


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