Android Media amcvidenc-omxgoogleh264encoder plugin issues

Stefan Persson johli392 at
Tue May 14 14:35:35 UTC 2019

I'm trying to replace x264enc in my Android app with the hardware accelerated
amcvidenc-omxgoogleh264encoder but I get error messages when I test it with

Pipeline for testing: videotestsrc ! amcvidenc-omxgoogleh264encoder !
rtph264pay ! udpsink host= port=47372

Error log:
D/MediaCodec: init()++,nameIsType=0,encoder=0
I/ACodec: [] Now Loaded
D/MediaCodec: kWhatComponentAllocated received
D/MediaCodec: init()--
D/MediaCodec: kWhatConfigure received
I/ExtendedACodec: setupVideoEncoder()
I/ACodec: setupAVCEncoderParameters with [profile: Baseline] [level:
I/ACodec: [] cannot encode color aspects. Ignoring.
I/ACodec: [] cannot encode HDR static metadata.
I/ACodec: setupVideoEncoder succeeded
W/ExtendedACodec: Failed to get extension for extradata parameter
D/MediaCodec: onComponentConfigured()
D/MediaCodec: kWhatComponentConfigured received
D/MediaCodec: start()
D/MediaCodec: kWhatStart received
[] Now Idle->Executing
[] Now Executing
could not send sticky events
error: Internal data stream error.
error: streaming stopped, reason not-negotiated (-4)

How supported is the wrapper for amcvideoenc-omxgoogleh264encoder? I'd like
to get more debug logs from amcvideoenc-omxgoogleh264encoder to see if I'm
missing any parameters or undocumented caps. I've tried adding videoconvert
before the encoder and setting the caps for the encoder
("video/x-h264,width=320,height=240") but that didn't solve the issue.
I would of course like to replace videotestsrc with something more useful
like ahcsrc as source but I'm a bit confused that it doesn't even work with
the simple test source.

Thanks in advance.

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