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Thu May 16 08:57:22 UTC 2019


I have built a custom plugin using “Constructing the boilerplate“

The plugin builds and works successfully in Linux environment.

Then, I take the C source and header file to Windows and try to build using
Visual Studio 2015 which has been setup as per the steps in “Installing on
Windows” gstreamer tutorial.

The build completes but the plugin cannot be found whatever path I set.
Finally, I have copied the “custom.dll” in <gstreamer-1.0>\lib directory.
Then, I noticed that   “libcustom.lib” which should be placed under
<gstreamer-1.0>\lib\gstreamer-1.0 directory, is not created in Visual
Studio build.

Is this the cause of plugin not being found?

Please share the steps if anybody has built a custom plugin in Windows.

Priyanka Kataria
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