Building custom plugin in Windows

priyanka kataria priyanka.kataria86 at
Thu May 16 09:20:11 UTC 2019

> Hello,
> I have built a custom plugin using “Constructing the boilerplate“
> instructions.
> The plugin builds and works successfully in Linux environment.
> Then, I take the C source and header file to Windows and try to build
> using Visual Studio 2015 which has been setup as per the steps in
> “Installing on Windows” gstreamer tutorial.
> The build completes but the plugin cannot be found whatever path I set.
> Finally, I have copied the “custom.dll” in <gstreamer-1.0>\lib directory.
> Then, I noticed that   “libcustom.lib” which should be placed under
> <gstreamer-1.0>\lib\gstreamer-1.0 directory, is not created in Visual
> Studio build.
> Is this the cause of plugin not being found?
> Please share the steps if anybody has built a custom plugin in Windows.
> Regards,
> Priyanka Kataria
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