v4l2h264dec Raspberry PI

horai ivo.hora at seznam.cz
Sat May 18 09:06:34 UTC 2019

Moreover kmssink does not work under X11 no matter if I run it under su or
regular user.
My goal is to run rtsp stream on top of X11 just to get GTK support to
control stream via buttons, kmssink is super fast, but it runs in command
line, maybe there is a way how to build GTK in command line, but I guess
creating GUI in X11 is far more 
As far as I understand from the following forum, running anyting on top of
X11 brings huge overhead (therefore I was trying to to run Wayland instead
of X11 on Raspberry, just to increase video rendering performance):
Well, all in all, my focus was narrowed to run glimagesink on top of X11
together with v4l2h264 codecs to get the best performance.
So far, I am still having the best results utilizing cluttersink with
Once more, if you have any suggestions or you find something totally wrong
or missing some point in what am I writing, please feel free to give any
comment as there are tons of things I have to prepare before running
beforementioned pipelines on Raspbian (compiling MESA, compiling Gstremer,
running testing kernel with headers) so there is a high chance I missed or
set up something inapproperietly like dma-buf.h.
Thank you

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