Sound volume is very low when playing mkv file

longkas longkas at
Wed May 22 13:50:28 UTC 2019

Ok, my research is to use volume element to raise the volume, and use
audioconvert to downmix the 5.1 DTS audio to stereo, I dont know how to find
the current volume though:

gst-launch-1.0 -v filesrc location=g:/gtg.mkv ! decodebin ! 
audio/x-raw,channels=6 \
     ! audioconvert mix-matrix="<<(float)1.0, (float)0.0, (float)1.0,
(float)1.0, (float)1.0, (float)0.0>, <(float)0.0, (float)1.0, (float)1.0,
(float)1.0, (float)0.0,(float)1.0>>" !   audio/x-raw,channels=2  \
    ! volume volume=10.0  ! autoaudiosink

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