gst-rtsp-server with TLS support need libgiognutls (It requires nettle which is blacklisted from a license point)

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Mon May 27 14:58:09 UTC 2019


If you use the very latest glib-networking, there is a OpenSSL backend, if you have an older version there is a package called glib-openssl with the same code.


On May 27, 2019 2:34:17 p.m. GMT+01:00, Ansa <ansaahammed at> wrote:
>Hi Gstreamer support Team,
>I am using Gstreamer gst-rtsp-server 1.8.3 version and I am able to
>build an
>RTSP server for my use case with out Security.
>Now i need to enable TLS suppprt on my server application and use the
>with GST_RTSP_PROFILE_SAVP profile.
>When i run the test application, it shows "TLS support is not
>WITH_TLS is enabled : call g_tls_certificate_new_from_pem()
>failed to parse PEM: TLS support is not available
>After reading through some posts, it looks like missing
>"gio/modules/". I tried to add this from
>libgiognutls requires nettle which is blacklisted from a license point
>it looks like there is no other option than using this package.
>We have authentication methods using openssl in our System. 
>Is it possible to enable TLS support without "". Is it
>possible to use Openssl libraries directly from gstreamer ?
>Please advise as We are currently blocked to add security to our media
>Thank You so much for your help and support,
>Best Regards,
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