Python GI problems with MPEGTS library

Marcwell Helpdesk helpdesk at
Wed Aug 5 05:44:48 UTC 2020


There seems to be an introspection problem with array objects in GStreamer 1.16, when used from Python 3, that generates a core dump. The error occurs in MPEGTS functions with a GPtrArray out parameter (may apply to other libraries as well). For example ‘parse_dvb_content’ and 'parse_dvb_parental_rating'. A few times, just before the core dump, the following message appeared on-screen: “free(), invalid pointer” so it is most likely related to the auto-free functionality used when allocating the array with ‘g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func’. Other, non-array parameter functions, works just fine.

Furthermore, since the data buffer inside the descriptor is transferred as an ‘int’, instead of an immutable byte array, it is not possible to do a manual parse in Python to work around the problem.

Any thoughts or advice on this?


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