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Thu Aug 6 14:44:05 UTC 2020

On Thu, 2020-08-06 at 09:17 +0100, Samuel Hurst wrote:
> On 05/08/2020 12:42, jahn wrote:
> > Nicolas Dufresne-5 wrote
> > > Most users will send a transport streams (mpegtsmux) to the
> > > element, anduse the alignment to control the size (alignment
> > > being a number of TSpacket, so N * 188 bytes). On top of which,
> > > you may need to pick acompression method. Unfortunately, you have
> > > to know these things to useGStreamer, but we can help here.
> > 
> > Hello, Do you know what is the right container to use if I want to
> > stream jpegmotion video and I get the same error as above, since
> > the mpegtsmux doesn't accept image/jpeg format?
> Hi,
> As far as I'm aware, the only format which SRT supports is MPEG-TS,
> asit's the only stream encapsulation format that they list in their
> I-D[1] and in the SRT specification. You can do MJPEG over RTP
> though.

This isn't really true. Although SRT was very much design with MPEG_TS
in mind, it can really carry anything. It guarantees in order delivery
and preserves packet boundaries, but it guarantee that all packets will
be delivered. You can for example send RTP through it.
> Best Regards,Sam
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