GStreamer extreme lag when screen capture OpenGL/Vulkan or DX11/DX12 contents

Davide Perini perini.davide at
Fri Aug 7 18:38:20 UTC 2020

I noticed that this happen when using dxgiscreencapsrc but not when 
using dx9screencapsrc.
This is really bad since dxgiscreencapsrc is so better.


Il 07/08/2020 20.33, Davide Perini ha scritto:
> Hi guys,
> I have noticed a very strange behaviour when screen capturing using 
> gstreamer.
> I am using this command line for my try in Windows 10.
> ./gst-launch-1.0 dxgiscreencapsrc ! videoscale method=0 ! videoconvert 
> ! autovideosink sync=false
> This command launch a gstreamer window where I can see my screen 
> beeing captured.
> The command capture at a locked 30 FPS no matter what other software 
> or windows I open.
> If I open an OpenGL/Vulkan or DX11/DX12 window, screen capture remains 
> at a locked 30FPS
> but as soon as I click on the 3D window the screen capture framerate 
> drops significantly to 10FPS or even worse.
> It's strange because if I change the focus on a non 3D window, without 
> closing the 3D window,
> the framerate returns to 30FPS.
> Note that framerate drops occurs in the screen capture window, not in 
> the 3D window.
> How this is possible?
> Is there a way to fix this problem?
> Thank you all guys, I really appreciate your work here and the help 
> you give people on this community :)
> Bye
> Davide
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