Unable to get the sample from Appsink using C++

RK29 giri_2984 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Aug 20 17:38:34 UTC 2020

Getting this error
Trying to handle stream with videoconvert ! autovideosink
(bmpTest.exe:21968): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: 10:32:53.328: gst_bin_add:
assertion 'GST_IS_ELEMENT (element)' failed

(bmpTest.exe:21968): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: 10:32:53.549:
gst_element_link_pads_full: assertion 'GST_IS_ELEMENT (dest)' failed

** (bmpTest.exe:21968): WARNING **: 10:32:53.553: Unexpected item
0000011C828F0E60 dequeued from queue queue4 (refcounting problem?)

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