Getting gstreamer to produce out of raspberryPi usb-audio

rikb rik at
Thu Feb 27 18:21:22 UTC 2020

[i've posted this on the raspberrypiSE, together with further details and
nicer formatting]

I cannot get gstreamer on raspbian (buster) to play through a usb-audio
device, despite other players (vlc, aplay) being able to do so. but i need
gstreamer because of its API access, for mpd players like gmpc.

this post is related to many others i've found (listed below), but i've
exhausted the resources mentioned there, so i and want to report on
experiments i've done, still without success.

Following [suggestions
i've editted my `/usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf` to look like:

		defaults.ctl.card 1 # 0
		defaults.pcm.card 1 # 0

i've tried lots of different experiments, and also varied touchscreen
vs. HDMI display options.  i can use `vlc`  to get to usb-audio with both
touchscreen and HDMI.  `aplay` with the touchscreen is also able to send
sound to
usb-audio.  (my current guess is that aplay is missing some `mp3` codec
and barfing out noise?)

clearly there are lower-level (kernel? raspbian?) resource paths that
i don't know about.   how can i make gstreamer consume whatever
resource it is that `vlc` and `aplay` are able to use to get to usb-audio?

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