Getting gstreamer to produce out of raspberryPi usb-audio

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Fri Feb 28 00:47:23 UTC 2020

Le jeudi 27 février 2020 à 12:21 -0600, rikb a écrit :
> [i've posted this on the raspberrypiSE, together with further details and
> nicer formatting]
> I cannot get gstreamer on raspbian (buster) to play through a usb-audio
> device, despite other players (vlc, aplay) being able to do so. but i need
> gstreamer because of its API access, for mpd players like gmpc.
> this post is related to many others i've found (listed below), but i've
> exhausted the resources mentioned there, so i and want to report on
> experiments i've done, still without success.
> Following [suggestions
> here](
> i've editted my `/usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf` to look like:
> 		defaults.ctl.card 1 # 0
> 		defaults.pcm.card 1 # 0
> i've tried lots of different experiments, and also varied touchscreen
> vs. HDMI display options.  i can use `vlc`  to get to usb-audio with both
> touchscreen and HDMI.  `aplay` with the touchscreen is also able to send
> sound to
> usb-audio.  (my current guess is that aplay is missing some `mp3` codec
> and barfing out noise?)
> clearly there are lower-level (kernel? raspbian?) resource paths that
> i don't know about.   how can i make gstreamer consume whatever
> resource it is that `vlc` and `aplay` are able to use to get to usb-audio?

What about describing what you have tried with GStreamwer so far and
how it didn't work for you ? Maybe you could share the output of aplay
-L when the usb dongle is in ?

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