gtksink and gtkglsink issue

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Mon Jun 1 10:32:10 UTC 2020


Me TV uses either a gtksink or a gtkglsink (in a playbin) as the final sink
for the video/x-raw stream. It seems that when the stream stops, the
gtk::DrawingArea or gtk::GLArea retain the last frame. This is fine if the
stream restarts as the new stream quickly changes the image. However not all
channels have video streams, some are audio only. In this case that last frame
of the old channel is retained.

Is there an easy way of clearing the image?

Once I get the MPEG-TS stuff working, I will need to write the radio station
data to the GTK display area as a real television does. I guess this will mean
writing to the DrawingArea/GLArea directly as the gtksink and gtkglsink
elements seem only to have video/x-raw pads.
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