gtksink and gtkglsink issue

Matthew Waters ystreet00 at
Mon Jun 1 11:04:21 UTC 2020


gtksink/gtkglsink in theory should probably invalidate their contents
when changing state down to READY.  You may be able to remove the
GtkWidget from the UI but I don't think readding it back again works in
all cases.

It is perfectly workable to use GtkOverlay to render things over the top
of the gtk(gl)sink output.


On 1/6/20 8:32 pm, Russel Winder wrote:
> Hi,
> Me TV uses either a gtksink or a gtkglsink (in a playbin) as the final sink
> for the video/x-raw stream. It seems that when the stream stops, the
> gtk::DrawingArea or gtk::GLArea retain the last frame. This is fine if the
> stream restarts as the new stream quickly changes the image. However not all
> channels have video streams, some are audio only. In this case that last frame
> of the old channel is retained.
> Is there an easy way of clearing the image?
> Once I get the MPEG-TS stuff working, I will need to write the radio station
> data to the GTK display area as a real television does. I guess this will mean
> writing to the DrawingArea/GLArea directly as the gtksink and gtkglsink
> elements seem only to have video/x-raw pads.
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