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I am struggling to figure out how to use DataChannels in WebRTC using webrtcbin (using version 1.16.2), and I can't find any example code to illustrate this. My application initiates the WebRTC connection, i.e. sends the offer. It also sends and receives both audio and video streams. Everything works fine except for DataChannels.

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. If I send the create-data-channel signal before sending the offer while webrtcbin is in state ready, no offer is ever produced. Also, no error message is given.

2. If I wait until audio and video have started streaming and then set state back to ready, signal create-data-channel, and set state to play again, this seems to work in that I get a DataChannel instance back. But when I subsequently try to send data using this DataChannel, I get a "not open" error.

3. Signaling create-data-channel when webrtcbin is not in ready state just gives an error.

I wonder if I am missing something simple or perhaps doing things in the wrong order. Any help greatly appreciated. A simple working example would be awesome.

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