Best subclass for a source element

Mandar Joshi emailmandar at
Thu Jun 11 22:01:42 UTC 2020

I'm writing a source element for a device with a proprietary API. Now, this
API generates audio and video data that I need to push out the source pad.
I have written an element using GstBin, something of a wrapper for
youtube-dl. This is it on GitHub,

Taking this approach will mean, I'll have to write a separate program for
the proprietary API. Is this the only way?

I've looked at GstPushSrc. I really want to use it. What do you think?

If data to pushed out the src pad is generated in proprietary callback,
what would be the best way to push it out the src pad?

The idea I have is to store it in memory and read that memory in _fill. Of
course, I'll make sure that concurrent access does not happen.

Any inputs will help.

Thank You
Mandar Joshi
Czar Softech
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