Best subclass for a source element

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Wed Jun 17 12:42:45 UTC 2020

Le vendredi 12 juin 2020 à 03:31 +0530, Mandar Joshi a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm writing a source element for a device with a proprietary API.
> Now, this API generates audio and video data that I need to push out
> the source pad.
> I have written an element using GstBin, something of a wrapper for
> youtube-dl. This is it on GitHub, 
> Taking this approach will mean, I'll have to write a separate program
> for the proprietary API. Is this the only way?

Using proprietary API withing a GStreamer plugin is fine, as long as
it's somewhat C compatible API. Decklink Source/Sink elements could be
looked at as reference.

> I've looked at GstPushSrc. I really want to use it. What do you
> think?
> If data to pushed out the src pad is generated in proprietary
> callback, what would be the best way to push it out the src pad?
> The idea I have is to store it in memory and read that memory in
> _fill. Of course, I'll make sure that concurrent access does not
> happen.
> Any inputs will help.
> Thank You
> Mandar Joshi
> Czar Softech
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