Float video media type

Michał Rudowicz michal.rudowicz at fl9.eu
Fri Jun 26 14:51:13 UTC 2020

> What interface/framegrabber does this camera use?

It has its own shared library which provides methods that fill the array with
float values. I wanted to integrate it to the existing GStreamer application.

> I'd probably just pick a min/max float value and stretch the float to be
> 16-bit uint

The problem is, that documentation of the device doesn't exaclty say what
values can be expected. In theory I can assume that just the "expected"
temperature values will be there, and ignore the rest.

> apply any radiometric calibrations (i.e., conversion to temperature)
> outside of GStreamer.

That's another option that I was considering.

Thanks for the fast reply!

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