Play DVD title/chapter using playbin or rsndvdbin

tari01 robert at
Mon Jun 29 04:36:09 UTC 2020

OK, after a lot of experimentation I've got a bit smarter:

/rsndvdbin/ has a child called /dvdsrc/. While the pipeline is still paused,
I can now call successful flushing seeks on this element, first in /title/,
then in /chapter/ mode. I wait for the element to change state, and playback
should be ready to go.

*This is not the case.*

When I set the pipeline state to /PLAYING/, it just hangs (never changes
state from /PAUSED/), and I'm still looking at the DVD root menu (not
errors, no bad debug).

/Please, is there anybody out there with a solution to this?/

*Thank you.*

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