Macs with Apple Silicon

Matthew Waters ystreet00 at
Wed Nov 4 04:18:14 UTC 2020

GStreamer builds fine for other ARM targets (iOS arm64, android's 
armv7/arm64, Windows UWP arm64 and Linux arm with various embedded 
boards and distributions).

The only question is how different the apple silicon architecture is 
from the existing arm targets which requires trying out and fixing any 
issues that pop up.

I would also assume that Apple is reusing the same fat-binary library 
architecture for arm64/x86_64 as they use for iOS so e.g. building 
packages with the cerbero build system should not be overly complicated 
to do either.

If you get something working using 
<> we'd be happy to 
take a look.


On 4/11/20 2:05 am, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Has anyone tried GStreamer on Apple Silicon, either
> - the standard Mac build running in Rosetta 2?
> - actually building GStreamer for ARM?
> Regards,
> Andy Robinson, Seventh String Software,

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