Macs with Apple Silicon

Andy Robinson andy at
Wed Nov 4 09:22:28 UTC 2020

Thank you to all who replied. I think my first question remains 
unanswered though:

Has anyone tried using the current binary Mac build of GStreamer in 
Rosetta 2?

And, given that ARM builds are not a problem, will the binary Mac build 
of GStreamer be built as universal binary in the future (when?). Apple 
do indeed say that this is how it's done with frameworks, see

I don't yet have an Apple Silicon machine myself, but will let you know 
when I try it.

Andy Robinson, Seventh String Software,

On 04/11/2020 04:18, Matthew Waters wrote:
> GStreamer builds fine for other ARM targets (iOS arm64, android's 
> armv7/arm64, Windows UWP arm64 and Linux arm with various embedded 
> boards and distributions).
> The only question is how different the apple silicon architecture is 
> from the existing arm targets which requires trying out and fixing any 
> issues that pop up.
> I would also assume that Apple is reusing the same fat-binary library 
> architecture for arm64/x86_64 as they use for iOS so e.g. building 
> packages with the cerbero build system should not be overly complicated 
> to do either.
> If you get something working using 
> <> we'd be happy to 
> take a look.
> Cheers
> -Matt
> On 4/11/20 2:05 am, Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Has anyone tried GStreamer on Apple Silicon, either
>> - the standard Mac build running in Rosetta 2?
>> - actually building GStreamer for ARM?
>> Regards,
>> Andy Robinson, Seventh String Software,

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