GStreamer Video Capture and H264 Encoding with SEI

steven414 at
Thu Nov 5 03:18:52 UTC 2020

Hi Nicolas Dufresne-5,

Thanks for your reply.

I am quite new to GStreamer and might not understand your comments

1. As I understanded, I should use tee and crop to separate the video from
the camera first. Then use "gst_buffer_add_meta" to add binary into buffer.
How to get binary from the cam?

2. How to build a filter to read BufferMeta and transform it into vendor
specific SEI messages? Do you mean to use an app sink? Also let's say my SEI
should be payload TYPE 5, which is user_data_unregistered. The maximum
paylaod size for custom data is 256-16(UUID)=240 Byte. Therefore for 1920*8
region will result into multi SEI frames in order to embed all information
for one origianl frame. Will this cause a problem when do steaming and

Here is my current C code for your reference.  2K_Camera.c

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