GStreamer Video Capture and H264 Encoding with SEI

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Fri Nov 6 17:37:58 UTC 2020

Le mercredi 04 novembre 2020 à 21:18 -0600, steven414 a écrit :
> Hi Nicolas Dufresne-5,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I am quite new to GStreamer and might not understand your comments
> correctly.
> 1. As I understanded, I should use tee and crop to separate the video from
> the camera first. Then use "gst_buffer_add_meta" to add binary into buffer.
> How to get binary from the cam?

I didn't suggest that. I suggested to develop a video filter element
that will just extract the information in-place and store is a meta.
That assumes you have acquire knowledge of GLib/GObject programming and
plugins writing (see plugins writer manual on our website).

> 2. How to build a filter to read BufferMeta and transform it into vendor
> specific SEI messages? Do you mean to use an app sink? Also let's say my SEI
> should be payload TYPE 5, which is user_data_unregistered. The maximum
> paylaod size for custom data is 256-16(UUID)=240 Byte. Therefore for 1920*8
> region will result into multi SEI frames in order to embed all information
> for one origianl frame. Will this cause a problem when do steaming and
> playback?

There is no short answer for this, I believe you will have to learn a
bit more about GStreamer programming in order to get ready for the

> Here is my current C code for your reference.  2K_Camera.c
> <>  
> Thanks.
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