Audio-resampling isn't actually performed?

Matthew Waters ystreet00 at
Thu Nov 12 06:13:47 UTC 2020

The size of the input audio buffer can be different or the same for any 
number of reasons.  e.g. the input chains upstream may produce buffers 
of a completely different number of audio samples. There is too little 
information to point you in any meaningful direction.


On 12/11/20 2:51 am, Lusine Hayrapetyan wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have my custom audio plugin based on audioaggregator.
> I have 2 input audio streams with different sample rates and I'm using 
> audioresample element to resample the audio streams to the same rate 
> before passing them to my custom plugin. In my custom plugin I've 
> overwritten aggregate function where I print GstMapInfo.size of audio 
> buffers and I expect that buffers from 2 sinkpads which resampled 
> before have the same size but they are different, is it mean that 
> audio resampling wasn't actually performed before?
> Regards,
> Lusine
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