Video and data synchronization

TheGiamig thegiamig at
Wed Nov 18 09:32:03 UTC 2020

I'm working on a video and data recorder.
Data will be saved in a SQLite DB and video in a mkv file.
Each data item is timestamped to replay the records with the right timings.
My problem is reproduce the video in sync with data.

At the moment I created a GstClock returning a time starting from 0 and then
advancing in sync with data timestamps.
So if data arrive slow from the DB source also the video go slow, and so on.
If I stop the replay the data time is frozen and stops to update the
GstClock so also video stops.
The thing works but seems to me a too funny approach 🙂.
Moreover I want to send and EOS to the pipeline when data stops because I
want flush alla data in the pipeline (a mkv to RTP streaming pipeline), so
the last video image will match the stop time. But the eos don't flow
because the Clock is still.

Any pointer on the video-data synchronization?

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