Reading streaming video frame by frame

isak3t isak3t at
Fri Nov 20 07:32:11 UTC 2020

Hello Omer,

First thank you so much for effort and help. I was really stuck at this.

However I still could not run with the modification.
These are 2 codes with the link to download the code file directly

modified_as_suggested.c   :

This file is with the modification as suggested. 
I do not get any print of "Hello" on terminal and only get "state will
change async"

modified_with_msg_handling.c :

This file is with modification as suggested and includes bus message
Here I get following message on terminal :
state will change async
Error : Internal data stream error

Can you run either of these codes with pipeline as it is and let me know if
you get same output as mine so I can check if it is code issue or
environment issue.

PS : I tested the video with pipleline built with playbin and the video
plays, so it is not an error with the video data

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