Static compilation of GStreamer for windows

Manoj Detroja (Software Development - Telecom) manoj.detroja at
Mon Nov 23 10:46:03 UTC 2020


First of all let me make my scope clear, I wish to use only RTSP Server
with GStreamer.

I have successfully compiled the GStreamer source with RTSP Server enabled.
I am currently using meson for my compilation process.
I am using VS2015 x64 Native Command Prompt for compilation
The shared library has been successfully compiled and the test application
is running smoothly.

I was still wondering, whether the Static compilation is possible in
When I tried to compile the gstreamer statically, It gave up some error of

I tried exploring but was not able to find much stuff about the static
compilation in windows
Is the static compilation possible using cerbero instead of meson?

Please advise
Thanks In Advance
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