android tutorial-2 with filesrc in pipeline :amcaudiodec-omxgoogleaacdecoder0: gstreamer encountered a general supporting library error.

richajain1785 richajain1785 at
Tue Apr 6 19:13:43 UTC 2021


I am trying to run my pipeline which is:

filesrc location=<path to mp4 video file> ! decodebin ! x264enc !
rtspclientsink=rtsp://<server address:port>

This is working as expected in some of the android devices. However, in one
of the device I am getting error: 

error received from element amcaudiodec-omxgoogleaacdecoder0: gstreamer
encountered a general supporting library error.*


On trying , sometime it works and sometime it keeps throwing this error.

I also extracted MediaCodecs.xml from this device. Attaching it here:

Can somebody help in resolving this issue?

I am using Android API 29 with Gstreamer 1.18.2.

Thanks in advance.

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